Formentera, located to the south of the Balearic Islands, has 83Km and 21km long from tip to tip with more than 69km of coastline of beaches and cliffs of great beauty.
The good weather allows you to enjoy the island throughout the year.
It is made up of 6 large population centers:

La Savina:
Where the port of the island is located, and since there is no airport, it is the only access route, which is why it is of great importance for the transportation of people and goods. In the summer months stands out for the marina and the large number of pleasure boats, as well as the promenade where every night takes place a small flea market of clothing and crafts.

Sant Francesc Xavier:
It is the capital and administrative center of the island. It stands out for its square where the Town Hall and the village church are located. Must visit for the charm of the pedestrian zone with its large number of shops, small shops, bars and restaurants.

Sant Ferran:
Where you can breathe the most bohemian and hippie atmosphere of the island. There is the mythical Fonda Pepe, where in the 60s the first hippies who came to Formentera met. It also stands out for the square, the church and the pedestrian street that crosses the village.

It’s Pujols:
Considered the island’s tourist center par excellence with the concentration of large number of hotels and apartments and being located next to the beach. It also stands out for its nocturnal atmosphere: hippie flea market every night on the promenade, lots of pubs, bars and 3 discos open until dawn.

It’s calo
Small coastal fishermen’s nucleus where they emphasize their clean and crystal clear waters of blue, as well as its three restaurants of typical kitchen specialized in seafood and fish.

La Mola:
Located in the highest point of the island, it is considered the most distant and quiet town that has as main tourist attractions the hippie market that takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays in the afternoon, the small square of the church and the lighthouse located at the end Of the road in front of the cliffs.

Here are some of the main beaches on the island, which are the main tourist attraction and are considered the most beautiful and best preserved in the world:

It is located in the northern part of the island and is considered the most popular beach and where most tourists and yachts are concentrated.
It stands out for being an area of ​​special environmental protection and considered World Heritage of UNESCO since the year 1.999.
Unbeatable location to enjoy a magical sunset.

It is also located at the northern tip of the island but in the eastern part. It stands out for the great beauty of its waters, as well as the great extension of sand.

Located in the southern part of the island and considered the quietest beach. Along its great extension are several typical restaurants specializing in fresh fish and rice, as well as small chiringuitos where to enjoy a good cocktail watching the sunset.

Ses Platgetes:
They are a series of small sandy beaches interspersed with rocky areas located in the Es Caló area before climbing to La Mola. It stands out for the cleanliness and good state of its waters.
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Given the characteristics of Formentera it is evident that the ideal way to travel is on foot or by bicycle, which in addition to not being polluting allows you to visit quietly places unusual that otherwise go unnoticed.



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